Personal Power

Now unlike any time before is when it is absolutely necessary to stand in your personal power. There is no need to be strong because you know that you are. What is needed now is the courage to stand, be true to yourself and if you've been getting your soul work done, or not, prepare to reap what you have sown. All of Humanity is at the end and the beginning. We have and are putting the past and its issues to rest and moving into new territory. As we transform from the many third dimensional lessons learned and remember fully who and what we are, each of us embodies the higher knowledge that will yield the wisdom that carries us forward. Cycles are being completed as new waves of Energy washes over the entirety of Mother Earth at a frequency to which you can feel in this now moment. May the layers of your Being be healed, and the journey forward into your sovereignty be filled with the Love and Light that you give.


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