Love Thyself, and Love Loves You

“I AM One with the Infinite Riches of my Subconscious Mind. I AM Grateful for the Abundance that already flows through my life daily. I lack nothing. I AM Open to Giving and Receiving Love and Abundance in my Physical and Spiritual Life. My hearts desires and All else that I want and need come to me because I Focus my Thoughts and my Intentions on what I Create in my life.

I AM Love and I Am Loved.”


Dear Loved Ones, I had been saying those words to myself every night before I go to sleep for many years. I know that one of the keys to Achievement is proper use of the Power of Our Subconscious Minds. I accepted Full Responsibility for my Programming, deleting television, radio, and all misleading media sources, choosing Spiritual websites instead in order to find Truth. Although many years have passed, I continue to choose with care what I allow into my mind and body. What you repeatedly tell yourself is exactly what your subconscious mind accepts as your reality, and thus the Creation of your thoughts begin to take form and manifest themselves in your physical life. Much has changed, but my goal remains the same, Become Light in EVERY way.

I kept my Heart and Mind on Love until Love began saying “I Love You” to me. Our mutual Love will only grow Stronger and Wiser as we develop our Mutual Mental Mantra, and Triple our Power while we focus our Intentions as One. What was Happy is now Joy because I am not seeking, but Being. I began learning a long time ago that small changes can have colossal effects. If you don’t already, begin Meditation. Whatever your age, give that many minutes to yourself, just for YOU every day. You are worth it. Everything in Life is a continuous Choice whether one is aware of it or not. Stop waiting and letting what you think you want continue to slip through your fingers. It will happen when you Take Action! Fear cannot be your Excuse any longer. Do not allow anyone else’s negative feelings to become yours. Face Yourself in Love and Embrace ALL that you see and feel, for it too is you.

The First and most important choice in our own life is Self-Love. You Love Yourself and All others according to your ascending Self-Awareness, Wisdom, and level of Compassion. It is of vital importance that You Understand and Value your Self-Worth. No matter what you say, your actions toward yourself set the Standard by which you treat others. Lower vibrating people are going to judge and blame until they know better, so maintain your high standards, Be of High Quality, and NEVER settle for Discount Love! Treat yourself like the God or Goddess YOU ARE, and others will have to follow suit, or You Keep It Moving. This is how I live and what I teach. Accept what is, knowing that Nothing is permanent and change is constant. Forgive Yourself and all others, then

“Love Thyself, and Love Loves You.”

p.s. Your life really Is a Love Story, and by your thoughts and actions, you’re deciding what kind of Love You Are.

Infinite Love and Light to You,


Think of yourself as Golden Light Energy.

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