Let's get at "How" to live a high quality life all the time. (Part 1)

Know that when it comes to your life, no matter what everything begins and ends with YOU. I want you to know that 100% of the time How you go about anything determines the outcome. All of which is emphasized by intent. What I'm talking about here has nothing to do with material possessions. Your energetic and spiritual worth cannot be quantified by things. From experience what I know to be true is that the quality of your life is based quite simply on 2 things. First, acknowledgement of yourself, and second how you love and care for yourself. What I realized as I began to write this series it that from the start of our lives, acknowledgement is redirected away from Self, and is usually where we find ourselves struggling to reconnect, especially if you happen to be female.

As little girls we are given someone or something else to love and care for and more often than not, programmed into victimhood, and there is no instruction on how to care for one's self. The feeling of being devalued is sometimes a lifelong experience that can and will only change when we begin to know our own worth. How? The quality of your life increases exponentially when you shift your focus from what serves only as distractions to yourself. How much time do you spend watching TV verses being outside in nature or reading something that expands your mind, or doing something that makes you feel good no matter how small? It matters, and you cannot expect for anyone else to do for you what you’re not willing to do for yourself. Although there are many keys to living a high-quality life, it's all about where you place your energy and your thoughts. The things that you do on a daily basis that show and tell yourself that you love you is what you tell others.

Our actions and behaviors speak volumes, and whether you hear yourself or not, your body does before others do. Everything about what makes up all that you are is your mental projection of your spiritual self. Because the universe is mental, what you think about you bring about. Having said that, when you begin to make subtle changes that include less focus on things that waste your time, and apply those moments instead to things that improve and or add value to your being, you automatically increase your vibration. Everything you do that makes you feel better about yourself increases the quality of your life. No one but you are determining your worth, so place no one about you and yourself beneath no one else. You are far more powerful than you realize. One of the best ways to prove that fact to yourself is to be confident and set high standards.

You are the physical embodiment of a Star and you came to Shine. Acknowledge your inner Light, and thus your presence. No matter who you are, where you're at, or what you've been through, you are alive and you deserve your life and all the Love you give yourself will be reflected back to you. We aren't necessarily taught to love ourselves, but as long as you're breathing it's not too late to start. We emit our energies powerfully. The way you love and care for yourself is obvious to all with eyes that see. Be who and what you want in your life. Place focused intent upon your mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health and those things will become wealthy. You are your most valuable possession. The more you love and care for your mind and body, the greater your worth.

Whether perceived as got it going on or off you are always seen and heard. God and the universe are neither blind nor deaf. Know that all that matters are your perceptions of yourself. What you think and feel about you is what you're projecting into the world. It is also what's coming back to you. So, be kind and loving to yourself because every cell in your body is listening. And remember that the key to a brilliant shine is self-love. Ignore the judgment of others and bring time otherwise wasted, away from the things that distract you from yourself. Decide what you want and feel you deserve, then set the standard that says, "I will not settle for less." By all means release False Evidence Appears Real and create benevolence in your life.

We're just getting started. Infinite Love and Light to you,


Worship, honor, and respect yourself with your every word, intent, and action.

You are a Star. Cast you light upon the world.

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