"How" to live a high quality life all the time. (Part 5, conclusion)


Millions of human beings are literally coming out of the darkness of having a serious lack of knowledge, or being veiled for whatever reason. If ever there was a time to focus upon yourself and stop giving your energy away, it's now. My previous post, although brief spoke volumes. As a high vibe and conscious creator, there's nothing I support more than another awesome creator. The greatest challenges and rewards come to those who dare to be the greatest version of themselves not only in spite of but because of other people. Thankh the darkness for your brilliance, and watch it disappear from your life.

Doing YOU, means you've stop lying to yourself about what you're capable of and step up. It means shake the fear off and take a leap of faith, a grand chance on yourself and do that thing you've always wanted to do. Do what you think you love, or know you love and it will never be work. Take the time to discover or uncover what you are passionate about. That thing can never be called a job because passion compensates in other ways, like youth, vitality, relationships of all kinds, love, many forms of abundance, and so much more. The key to this is honesty. Devise your master plan and see it through.

Doing YOU, means that you've found the courage to heal from past hurts, no longer feel the want or need to please other people, you completely ignore ignorance, and you are in touch with your creative self. Hopefully your emotions are in check, and you're following your own spiritual path, marching to the beat of your drum. All of that takes courage and maybe even isolation, especially if you're coming from a place of darkness and manipulation from others. Living a high quality life all the time means that You are your #1 priority. You place no one above you and yourself beneath no one else.

Everyone will see you when you shine, but only those in the dark will not cheer you on. Illuminate! And when the dark shuns you, that's when your Millions will appear. Later, everyone still bullshittin' and playing in the dark will wonder where you went and what you were doing, especially if they haven't already seen or heard about you. That's when you smile, knowing that you don't grind, but had the courage to learn to do what you Love and Love what you do.

Love, Light, and Prosperity,


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