"How" to live a high quality life all the time. (Part 4)

In parts 1 through 3 we touched on how first, everything begins and ends with you acknowledging and loving yourself, determining your worth, and being unafraid. Second, we talked about what is in your way, shared some articles, and knowing thyself. One of the huge "How's" being to choose happiness, and the power of our choices. With a couple of powerful videos in between (if you're following), part 3 was also a video message about not making excuses. Because of how passionate I feel about part 4, I wish that I could have began with it, but when I'm done, you'll see how to wrap it around parts 1 - 3 and make them work supremely for you.

Commit to your Wealth in the form of optimum Health.

From experience, I share with you honestly that one of hardest things to deal with is that unhealthy people not only want but expect for you to accept their depletion and total lack of Self-Love. It is not seen or understood by the person who may have nothing other than material things to offer as to why they are rejected. Imagine if you will, you are doing or have done what it takes to heal your body and your life. You feel whole knowing that your health is your wealth regardless of what you possess and you enjoy your life because you're healthy. You have made choice that add to your longevity, decreased your BMI (Body Mass Index), you've changed your diet to exclude animals and their by products, you exercise your mind and body daily, you drink a gallon of blessed water every day, no dis-ease is claimed or held onto. You are dedicated and devoted to yourself and maintaining youthfulness because aging is a choice.

Now, imagine that as a result of your work you can look into the eyes of others and see the parasitic infestation they are oblivious to, where all of the blockages are in their energy field, what organs are starving and failing, and disturbing layers of plaque, skin, and waste buildup from poor or lacking hygiene. One's standards or the lack thereof is the most obvious thing in the world. I'm not talking about judgment, but spiritual insight into your life present and future, and the importance of using healed eyes to see so that you do not compromise yourself. A sure way to know how you're going to be treated by anyone is to examine the way they treat themselves. It doesn't become clear that you have what you want when you become it, until that which you lust after or seek to attract keeps walking away. It doesn't matter which of the genders you happen to be, you're always showing the world your standards, your Energy can be felt and arrives before you do, and is speaking for you if you never say a word.

I've said all that to get to this point. If you still aren't aware that you are not your body, but the Energy Being running it (or not), then you have no idea what you're capable of. System failure is a choice and it's what you're going to have to learn and know prior to attaining 5D consciousness. Many will choose to leave their sick vehicles parked in 3D rather than do the work, and that is their choice. However, the truth of the matter is that your Soul will return in a new body to your old parking spot to begin karmic lessons again. Old souls know this because it's why we're awake and aware of this fact, and are responsible for telling you to know, heal, change, grow, and stop continuing to pretend. Either way, not only are your actions obvious, but the choice is always yours. There are no good or bad people only actions and consequences. The difference between people more often than not, is not financial status but moral standards. Become "Light" in every way. There is neither darkness nor density in 5D. Ascend in Joy!

Healthy Love Always,


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