"How" to live a high quality life all the time. (Part 2)

Like everything else I share, you can believe me when I say, "I can write a book about this." I have written an article title, "Only 3 Things Stand In The Way." It is one of many articles I've written, and this one was published on IN5D.com. The article ties perfectly into this message. In this post I'm going to follow up on "How" to continue to live a high quality life all the time by sharing the next step in the process, and that is to simply but deeply Know Thyself.

There are a number of ways to know one's self and plenty of books on the subject. According to Shinzen Young there's the way of Thoughts and Emotions, the way of the Physical Senses, the way of Tranquility, the way of Flow, and the way of Human Goodness. Then there are the very simple and obvious ways like Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, and Calligraphy. We still haven't mentioned the many creative ways of becoming One with the Self like, Singing, Dancing, Art (Painting/Drawing/Coloring), etc. My point is this, know that you are living your best life when you are doing what makes you happy and or feel good. I'm no longer surprised by how many people have no idea what makes them happy, but only because I remember being that person and knowing why. In Part 1 we talked about distractions and lack of focus.

What I want to share now is the fact that your vibration will elevate itself naturally when you tap into what makes you happy. You either already know what that is, or you need to get busy finding it out. Like everything else in life, happiness is a choice and one that we need to make consciously. No matter what it is, when you begin to focus on bringing joy into your life, the universe will bring you more reasons to be joyous. Don't go telling everybody, but I absolutely enjoy coloring books and crayola crayons. Yes, the children's books :) My inner 6-year-old loves to sit alone and bring life to the black and white pages that are blank outlines of butterflies, rainbows, and waterfalls. I hope you're laughing. I am proud to be fifty something and simply happy. Now imagine how it feels to be thrilled about your accomplishments.

Whatever takes your mind away from the mundane, puts you in the zone where you forget about the trivial and all that upsets or distracts you from you is what you want to give your valuable attention to. Beloved, we have reached a critical time in life when it is imperative to focus on yourself and creating the life that you want to live. If 5D is what you intend to be your reality, then you must live like it now. God and the entire universe wants you to know bliss. Allow it to begin with your choice to make yourself happy even if you have to keep it inside. By all means allow the flow of what brings your heart joy to catapult you into a blissful existence. Every day of your life, with intent choose to engage in something that makes you feel good about being you no matter how small.

Your dreams require your undivided attention. You are supported in your efforts. Awaken fully and begin to love and live for yourself, or you may regret the things you didn't do and not the things you did.

Be the Heaven you wish to see.

In Love and Light,


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