Energy Healing and Meditation with Elite Noble Shungite

I've got an out of this world vibration that I am in Love with. Then along came Shungite. I had previously ordered a pyramid, a sphere, and several flat square pieces directly from Russia for EMF Electromagnetic Frequency protection. They are awesome, but these 3 Elite Noble Shungite pieces in my hand are better! Before I say more about them, I want the world to know that I got these beauties from Ana Satya, CrystalHealthGoddess channel on YouTube. I love Ana's vibe, and she is very upfront and direct when it comes to Crystals, their authenticity, and how to connect with them. I am a crystal lover, have a few pieces I treasure, and I felt blessed the day I found her wisdom and insight. Ana's website is as diverse and vibrant as she is. I am inspired by her story and journey to crystal healing. I am now consuming shungite water, and I am very grateful to Ana for teaching me how to test my products to know with certainty that they are real, how to clean and prepare them, and how to make shungite water. I am happy and glad to add fullerenes to the natural things that inhabit my energy field, and to share an increased quantum charge with the world around me. Health and healing to you.



Receiving Shungite Energy and powering up to heal others.

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