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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Shedding the Human Body for the Light Body is no easy task.

Welcome to my Blog and new website. It has been a silent 2-year journey back to sharing online, but everything has changed. My hat is off to those of you who like me have backed away from the cut-throat world of social media, or maybe isolated yourselves in order to work on you and get your Soul work done. Since 2012 my life has been a continuous challenge and I fully understand why. Physical and Spiritual growth are happening to humanity simultaneously, and it's not nearly as seen as it is felt, yet. I have decided to return to multiple social settings because I have much more Light work to do, and people who need me.

I pray that now instead of attacks that there will be compassion for my psychic indifference, and that as we share we heal one another. Everything I write and speak is encoded with the language of Light and Love for all. One Blog post at a time, it is my hearts desire to share not only my story and incredible transformations inside and out, but to assist with yours as you allow. No matter who or where you are, you are not alone. I became the Doctor of Psychology I needed most so that I could have someone compassionate, intelligent, loving, and non-judgmental to talk to. I have launched my new business here for the same reason, and if talking and sharing with me helps you in any way, then it's worth it. I freely offer this platform to all who want to honestly share for the sole purpose of motivating and inspiring others to heal what has hurt their hearts. Intelligent people ignore ignorant and petty, and it takes courage to go your way and stand for yourself. There is no judgement, nor victims or perpetrators here. I do not and ask that you do not give your power away. I am all about empowerment and encouragement because it is needed now more than ever.

I read Energy and can see right through people. The lower the vibration, the more obvious the Energy. I am a Empath and feel everything deeply. Self-Love is where it's at and it's how I've healed myself and others. I, like you, have many gifts. I hope that we can share them here and use our skills to heal our ascending human family. There is no place here for envy, jealousy, or hatefulness of any kind. All open minds and Loving hearts are welcomed to show up and show off your strengths and how you own responsibility for your life. I am running a business here, so please be respectful and kind to yourself and everyone else.

From lifetime to lifetime we become greater versions of our Energetic Selves. We are returning to Oneness. Let no one or nothing stop you from healing.

I Love you unconditionally,


Humanity is ascending as One. Good, bad, and indifferent.

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