Gem's Dreams 
The Series
It is alive and real to the point that I have to shift my focus from living it to writing about it.
The greatest challenge has been the "living" part. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but the hardest part of living is dealing with other people. I've learned from the best and the worst of them. I've always been a writer, and now I understand why. Being a Scribe is innate, but also a blessing. Although I've never left my path, I was tragically awakened to my journey. I guess somewhere inside I knew that one day I would need to recover, regenerate, and renew my entire life. Writing became my healing modality of choice. Because I am aware of who and what I am, I will not do what I don't want to be done to me, but I needed to free my heart and mind, so I decided to share in hopes of healing others who have been through hell and came out with a big smile like
mine. Trust that the Universe has your back.
Union Ride is truly the beginning but in Maternal Eruptions,
I reveal what and how I feel about many things including politics and religion,
plus I openly expose the devil (precisely depicted by the Tarot) deliberately wreaking havoc
all of my life, but whose abuse and neglect is directly responsible for my choice to forgive and ascend healed and in peace. Also, I share what only my Angels and my assailant knew until now, and what I've done about it knowing that no one gets away. The Sci-Fi writing journey continues while with conscious awareness I get my shadow work done by recombining and integrating the many fragments of me. I live in abundance, and I've endured what it took to create the flow of wealth in all things. Although many remain unaware and despite your lessons or where you are, know that all are of the divine source
The release of karma and the choice to accept, forgive myself, raise my vibration, experience, learn and grow is why I am happy and healthy, on a conscious spiritual path, and I share some of my experiences because now is the time to shift one's limited perspective of Self to one of unlimited in every way. I know that I am a very old soul and free. As a Star seed, I pray my energetic experiences are uplifting others. I am aware of what my Akash speaks to me and I understand the greater picture and evolutionary plan. I am aware of my infinite and eternal Being and yours. Nothing I've experienced is for me, but part of my soul's contract to assist in the transformation into 
5th-dimensional consciousness on Earth.
Ultimately, it's all about the state of being called Love. 
I am eternally grateful for my experiences, and my beautiful life and everything in it. 
I create benevolence in my life and the lives of others. 
Now for the great news!
 I will be delayed, but no Plandemic can stop me.
The adventure I call Union Ride is the beginning of one hell of a trip. I will always be grateful for all that it took to write the book that began in 1999. 
My first Novel, Union Ride is no longer available independently on Amazon, but now in preparation for worldwide publication and distribution through
Page Publishing, and coming to a Bookstore near you in 2021.
I've already written the Screenplay for Book 1, Maternal Eruptions, the kick-ass sequel that is book 2, and because I've got to rest a bit and play my favorite game of "Where in the world is Gem?" beyond 2022 look for much more, like books 3 and 4.
If you purchased a copy of Union Ride from Amazon pre-professional editing and publishing,
Thankh you for your support!
No matter what, NEVER give up on your dreams.
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