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Greetings beautiful Star beings!
The COVID-19 assault upon Gaia and her inhabitants!
Called, "Corona" the latest weapon to be used against the people is a virus. 
~ Protect yourself & Vibrate higher ~
There is so much going on upon, within, and around our planet that it can be challenging to keep up.
As mega photonic energy bombards Earth's surface from the galactic center, it is transforming all of humanity on a cellular level while we ascend in the waves of Source Love washing over us.
I am awake, aware, watching, and consciously participating in the process.  I am incredibly grateful, not only to be alive but able to share my gifts and fulfill my mission here.
Gen X Dreamer is expanding!  More practitioners and services coming soon!  
We look forward to sharing and healing with you.
To all those who visit my site from all over the world,
Welcome and Thankh you!
My name is Gematria Ankh Amen. I am a serial entrepreneur, retired cognitive psychologist, writer, and angel investor among the millions of high vibration healer Star seeds assisting all those ascending during this epic time in Earth history with galactivation, clearing and unblocking the path to your 8th Chakra and 5th-dimensional consciousness. I am a spiritual Counselor, Metaphysician, Heyoka Empath, and Intuitive Energy Healer.
I have been working with Ascended Masters and Angel Energy for decades. My practice has also been mastering the use of various Crystals for more than a decade as well, and we are proud to introduce many of them to assist with your increased healing and energy flow. As daily users of Crystal energy, we will unblock all of your chakra centers, clear your auric field, teach you how to heal yourself, and which crystals to continue to use to positively change your life. There are some very simple but key things that you can do daily to improve the quality of your life. 
When you honestly let go of everything that you fear losing, you see yourself for who and what you really are. That is when you can change your entire life, perspectives, and attract abundance. It would be my pleasure to share with you the keys that I've acquired to internal peace and happiness in spite of any external condition, and exactly how I overcame child abuse, neglect, PTSD, addictions, sexual assault, and very negative people, to learning from multi-millionaires, investing in my life, and permanently changing my status in life. My goal is to help you see how it's all about you, and how to shift your focus to who matters most, You. Despite education, life experience is my greatest qualification.
Regardless of your age, if you are or were a victim of child abuse and or neglect, sexual assault or abuse, mental, emotional or physical abuse of any kind and need to talk or have a loving and unbiased someone who has been there, recovered and understands, we are here for you. My Blog is an open and ongoing place for anyone who is willing to share openly and honestly to assist all others with their healing journey, and spiritual counseling services are available.
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When performing distance healing work, my team of benevolent energies and I connect with you directly no matter where in the universe you are and begin the flow of high vibrational energy into your auric field to release your energetic blockages. Our subtle but highly effective work causes the purging and/or short-circuiting of implant tags, chips, other attachments to any layer of your being. 
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*A Divine Feminine Group honoring the Goddess Energy* 
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I learn so much from other high vibes. Some of which I share on my video player at the top of this page. Molly McCord is a gifted Astrologer whose insight cannot be denied. I truly appreciate her weekly podcasts, and you can discover her work for yourself at the following link:
 I feel the same gratitude for many YouTubers. The following are a few of my favorite Channels, and it is my pleasure to share their links with you. If you love the variety of Astrology/Tarot, then you'll appreciate:
Lada Duncheva https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC17R96cce5Fv8pg2Yi1Le6A
Kelley Rosano https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ3z3Xxgvq3fQloQVo9xA_Q 
Estelle https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPRAh9PS0xHFeeiTtKf0qA
Soulful Revolution https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUrkOmXvcHOX4A1ratGe5Wg
I also very much appreciate:
Michael Love https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf4C_oDA56ZBYIl0AUdMwlA/videos 
Channel for Pleiadian Light Forces
Woodward TV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8-LhLmfkg0KStfM5qUuhyw
Educational Entertainment
Yoga with Adriene https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFKE7WVJfvaHW5q283SxchA
Sweet Potato Soul  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbmUfoOfNW04K9U7moSDDcw
How to be vegan
Magenta Pixie  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYW6FNCMbVxevaTDA5pyqEw
Channel for the White Winged Consciousness of Nine
Suspicious Observers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTiL1q9YbrVam5nP2xzFTWQ
Space and Weather News
X22 Report https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB1o7_gbFp2PLsamWxFenBg
Political News
Every life is a story waiting to learn more, be healed, and re-written with the Love it deserves.
Dr. Gem
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